Are our transformational experiences for you?

This is for you if you’re a military or veteran woman who feels…

exhausted, burning out or burned out.


overwhelmed and empty, and like this can’t possibly be it.

constantly pulled in different directions, with no clear way to decide what to do and not do.

like something is missing.

unhealthy and lacking energy.

like you don’t like your life - and maybe you’re struggling to like yourself, too.

like there are things that you should be doing, but you just can’t motivate yourself to do them.

lost, alone and craving real connection with real people who understand you.

What will you get from coaching?

Whether you choose an alignment transformation or health transformation program, with our signature integrated alignment transformation process, you will experience community, clarity, and energy. 

  • Build friendships and bond with a community of people who understand you
  • Transform from feeling empty, exhausted, overwhelmed and unfulfilled to feeling energized and focused
  • Identify and create what you really want for yourself and your life
  • You are connected with other like-minded individuals with similar life experiences.
  • You belong.
  • You feel connected and supported.
  • You have a community who you can be real and vulnerable with.
  • You know what you want for your life – and you have given yourself permission to want that.
  • You have a clear path to achieve what you want from your life.
  • You are moving forward in an intentional and purposeful way.
  • You feel connected to yourself.
  • You are choosing an environment that supports you.
  • You have rediscovered yourself – or found yourself for the first time.
  • You are lit up and energized.
  • You are intentional about your health, energy and peace.
  • You feel rested.
  • You feel alive.

What makes Strength & Shield Coaching different?

Strength & Shield Coaching’s signature framework and unique approach to coaching integrates every aspect of your life: your physiology, neurology, psychology, and your environment.  

  • It is deeper and broader than life coaching, with a more scientific foundation.  
  • It is a whole-life approach to achieving your potential, making an impact, and living a life you truly love.  
  • It incorporates aspects of self-discovery, decision-making, habit-formation, deep healing, and connection with other humans.  
  • It weaves together functional health coaching with personal growth and transformation, addressing the underlying causes of your exhaustion and lack of fulfillment in your body, your mind, your relationships, your work – in every aspect of your life. 
  • It focuses on aligning your strengths, talents, skills, experiences, passions, and values with your decisions, thoughts, habits, and actions.
  • Integrative Alignment coaching is the path to clarity, healing, wellness, energy, community, and sense of purpose so that you can live a life you truly love. 

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