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How Does Support Influence Your Healthy Habits?

It’s true!  While commitment, discipline, and mental toughness play a role in how successful you are at achieving a goal, your grit is only one factor.  

The most important factor?  

Your environment.  Setting the conditions for your success is vital!  

Is what you’re trying to achieve convenient and easily accessible?  Make it so.  For a healthy lifestyle goal, you can stock your pantry with healthy foods as they become the most convenient for you. Plan to have your discipline in the grocery store, not in your kitchen.  You’ll eat what is there.  

Support is impactful.

Do you have the support of friends and family?  Make it so!  This is why every coaching program that Strength & Shield Coaching offers has a community component: we become what the people around us support. 

Studies show that convenience and social support are the two most powerful factors that determine how successful we are at developing healthy habits. 

The encouragement and guidance from your family, friends, and community are so important! 

If you’re committing to an exercise habit, enlist the support of the people around you.  Tell them what you need to feel encouraged and supported, whether that’s an affirming word or a fist bump acknowledging your hard work. 

Community support is the reason why CrossFit, Peloton, running meet-ups, and other group fitness organizations help people stick to a routine.

Even finding one other person who will work out with you or checking in with a friend every time you workout will make a difference! 

My friend Kathleen and I text each other with “Post-workout check-in!” every time we finish a workout. 

And I can’t even describe how much I value the love and support of my CrossFit family and how much I love being a source of uplifting love and support for them too! 

Create boundaries.

And one last thing, the opposite is true too: if you have someone in your circle who actively does not support your creating and maintaining a healthy habit, that’s a tough obstacle to overcome.  Create boundaries around that time and your efforts.  Find people who will and do support you.  And consider whether you need that kind of negativity in your life at all. 

As you’re building a new healthy habit, your environment is the key to your success.  Set the right conditions by making goal-achievement behaviors convenient and by getting support! 

A Strength & Shield Coaching program can help you set the conditions and achieve your health goals this year!  

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