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How To Be Present in Life and Healthy

For years I struggled with a constellation of seemingly unrelated symptoms and issues in my present life:

Exhaustion, debilitating fatigue, and lethargy

Sleep issues

Severe menstrual symptoms

PMDD – aka pre-menstrual personality hijack

Depression and anxiety

Constipation and piercing abdominal pain

Chronic UTIs and other chronic infections

Chronic pain

Experts would prescribe “solutions” that helped with the symptoms but didn’t address the underlying causes. They dismissed me with statements like, “your labs look normal.” I wanted to go back to living my life in the present. 

I didn’t feel heard, and I had no help. I wasn’t willing to be dismissed and medicated without any root-cause problem-solving, and I was so frustrated. I couldn’t accept feeling awful becoming my reality.

I just wanted to feel good. I want to be healthy, have energy, and be fully present in life, home, and work.

When I investigated the source of my symptoms, I learned that I:

Was eating the wrong foods for what my body needed,

Was regularly eating foods to which I had sensitivities,

Had leaky gut or intestinal permeability issues, 

Had a bacterial overgrowth in my gut, 

Had low testosterone and hormone imbalance.

This investigation was a critical part of my health transformation. With the information I learned from the correct functional lab tests, I made significant changes that provided relief, healing, and solutions for long-term health.

  • I started eating foods based on what my body uniquely needs.
  • I eliminated the foods to which I have sensitivities.  As my gut healed, many of these sensitivities went away.
  • I followed a botanical supplement protocol to heal the leaky gut, eradicate harmful bacteria, support a healthy microbiome, and promote balance in my body.
  • I took measures that reduced the mental, emotional, and physiological stress that had harmed my health.  During my healing process, I reduced the intensity of my workouts.  I addressed false mental models and over-obligation based on past trauma.  I found a new job that is aligned with my values and at which I feel valued.  

Healing took time, but it has been a process well worth the effort and investment. My present life has changed.

Now I:

  • Have so much energy (unless I try to do too much, which is still a work in progress)
  • Am sleeping well all of the time
  • Have zero menstrual issues and feel balanced all month
  • Have no recurring infections or inflammation
  • Rarely get sick
  • Am back to the high-intensity workouts that I enjoy
  • Have healthy boundaries and less life and work stress
  • Have happier, more fulfilling relationships
  • Am even more highly productive than before 😉
  • Feel peaceful and aligned, and am my best self

My health transformation has inspired me to help other high-performing, health-conscious women to get your present life back, to be your best and healthiest self so that you can be fully present at home and work.  

While life is never without challenges, your health doesn’t have to be one of them.

If you’re exhausted and symptomatic, and you’re ready for long-term health, then click here to learn more about Strength & Shield Coaching programs and set up a Decision Call today.

Optimal is possible!

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