Previous Community Calls

Previous Community Calls

Previous Community Calls

September 7, 2023

You’ve been trained to think and behave a certain way.  

You’ve been exposed to situations that weren’t normal.  

You’ve been traumatized by violations of your person, by your environment, by what you’ve had to do, what you’ve had to endure, and who you’ve had to be.  

And now your brain can’t tell the difference between life’s normal stresses and the trauma that you’ve survived.  

Your highly developed, overactive defense mechanisms are keeping you from connecting with other people, with your life, and with yourself.

You’re hostile, defensive, emotionally volatile, and easily triggered.  

It’s not who you are.  

It’s not who you want to be.  

How can you move forward to grow past trauma and overcome a disordered post-traumatic stress response?  

How can you heal so that you can become yourself?  

Let’s talk about it.

August 24, 2023

Imposter syndrome.




Even the most confident high-performing woman experiences fear and self-doubt – often without even realizing it.  

If we aren’t aware, deliberate, and intentional about it, our instinctive and conditioned desire to keep ourselves safe will only keep us small.  

Let’s talk about it.  

July 6, 2023

You’re chronically over-obligated.  Your calendar is too full.

You’re exhausted.  

You feel overwhelmed and empty, and like this can’t possibly be it.

You feel constantly pulled in different directions, with no clear way to decide what to do and not do.

You spend so much time and energy chasing the tasks on a never-ending to-do list.  

You feel like something is missing – and maybe that something is wrong with you.  

Let’s talk about it. 

June 1, 2023

Women are constantly bombarded with messages about how we should look.  The world elevates what is aesthetically pleasing over what is functional – or simply tells us that whatever it is we look like, we should look like something else.  

In the military, the completely inaccurate tape test and ever-present emphasis on military bearing create constant pressure to look a certain way.  

The combined effect is that so many military and veteran women struggle with body image issues, low confidence, and anxiety.  

Let’s talk about it.  

May 18, 2023

From early childhood, women are conditioned to think and behave in certain ways.  As humans we work to become what will be approved of in our environments – sometimes at the expense of being who we truly are.  

But to be at our best – we must be our true, best selves.  

How do we live and lead authentically in a world that is constantly telling us who to be?  

Let’s talk about it.  

May 4, 2023

Transitioning from the military is so much more than changing jobs.  

It changes your whole life.  

It requires a shift in your sense of identity, smart decisions about a new career, and a willingness to learn new things – and unlearn a lot of stuff too.  

It can be intimidating, lonely, confusing, and overwhelming.  

Let’s talk about it.  

March 13, 2023

Despite women making up a strong proportion of the workforce, household tasks are still the woman’s responsibility in most households.  

For the women leaders who are investing in the help that they need to successfully manage careers and home responsibilities, statistics show that they feel ashamed to admit it.  

This has to change.  

Let’s talk about it.  

March 2, 2023

“The world opens when competency and capability dictate what people can do rather than an adjective.” – LTC Lisa Jaster, author of Delete the Adjective

We believe that the “what right looks like” leader archetype must evolve. 

We must choose to define leadership only by effectiveness.

It’s time to disrupt millenia-long held social and cultural norms about what leadership looks like.  

Let’s get past all the shit that has conditioned us to believe that we’re “supposed” to be this or that, so that we can lead effectively, as ourselves.

Let’s talk about it.  

February 2, 2023

If you’re a military or veteran woman transitioning from the military soon, recently transitioned from the military, in the midst of a career pivot, or have recently been laid off – you want to be on this call!  

These are complicated times in our lives and careers.  

Let’s talk about it.  

Build Relationships

We hear all the time from military and veteran women how alone and lonely you feel.

Connection and sense of belonging are innate human needs.   

Relationships, friendships, and love are important aspects of aligned lives.  

These calls provide you an opportunity for us as military and veteran women to build connection and community with each other.

This community provides you a space to give and receive love, support, acknowledgement and encouragement.  

Grow as a human

Alignment is the path to lives that we love.  

When you live aligned, you are using your strengths and talents in the way that best aligns with your values and what is meaningful to you.  

Discovering your personal alignment will require reflection on who you are, what you really want, and what has kept you from being who you are and doing what you love.  

Our community calls are meant to be a resource for connecting with yourself and discovering your personal alignment.  

OK, but what are we going to do on these calls?

These calls are not webinars or workshops, nor are they coaching calls.  

They are for networking, building connections, and growing friendships.  

They are for learning about yourself by exploring relevant topics and discussing with women like you.  


Each call will last one hour with the following rough agenda:

5-10 minutes: introductions

15-20 minutes: guest expert share

15-20 minutes: Q&A, facilitated discussion, breakout rooms 

10 minutes: take-away shares and closing discussion 

These calls are free to you and designed for you to connect and grow.

Join Us!