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Six Steps to Your Aligned Life – Part 1

When you live aligned, you’ll have the energy and clarity you need to do what is truly important to you.  You’ll be your happiest, most fulfilled, most productive self.  

This alignment process is for YOU if you…

  • Want to go from feeling busy, exhausted, and overwhelmed to feeling present, aware, and restored
  • Want to learn how to say no without guilt so that you can say yes to what is truly important to you
  • Want to learn how to be more intentional instead of scattered, so that you can move in the direction of the life you want, rather than feeling pulled in every direction
  • Feel like your life has become one big long to-do list, with no joy, just tasks
  • Are so on-the-go that you’ve lost sight of where you’re going
  • Crave meaningful social connection with other women who get it
  • Feel like you “should” be happy, but you feel empty and unmotivated, like today is just another day to check things off a to-do list
  • Are committed to being your best self…as soon as you send one more email and get the laundry folded

If you just thought to yourself something like, “Wow Laura, get out of my head!” then read on to learn the first three of six steps to an aligned life!

Step 1: Get clear on what you want for your life.

You may have just thought to yourself, “I don’t know what I want.” 

You’re not alone – I know so many women who don’t know what they really, deeply want. 

That’s ok.  Start with how you want to feel.

Alignment is a state of being.  It is a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual experience. 

When you are operating in alignment you might feel… 

Joyful.  Peaceful.  Calm.  Excited.  Passionate.  Focused.  Clear.  Productive.  Creative. 

Fulfilled.  You’ll have a strong sense of meaning.  Using your talents, gifts, skills, interests, and experiences in a way that is aligned leads you to achieving your potential – and that feels really good.  

Invigorated.  Challenged.  Alignment doesn’t mean you’ll live in a Zen state wherein nothing is hard.  Alignment is hard – but it’s hard in the right way.   When you struggle, overcoming those challenges will be creating a life that you really want to live, instead of being meaningless or just frustrating with no connection to a desired outcome.

Uncomfortable.  Alignment doesn’t mean that you’re always and only comfortable.  Alignment means that you are in a near-constant state of growth and learning, which may require you to be outside of your comfort zone. 

With which of these feelings do you connect?  

Which of these feelings do you want to experience?  

Take some time to write down what you WANT.  What you daydream about and maybe think isn’t even possible.  Think about every aspect of your life: your relationships, your work, your free time and hobbies, your health, your finances.  In each of these areas of your life, what do you want to experience?  What circumstances will inspire alignment feelings?

Step 2: Get clear on who you are - and who you need to be to create the life you want.

Six Steps to Your Aligned Life

To live aligned, you must commit to being the person who creates the life you want.  

BEING will create the outcome as the natural effect of that identity.  If you are doing something that is not aligned with your sense of identity, you are unlikely to achieve that goal.  Or, you may achieve the goal in the short term, but you’ll eventually return back to the status prior to goal achievement.  

Before you set goals, you must first focus on who you are and who you need to be to create your vision.  You must first focus on your Vision Self. 

Your Vision Self is your highest and best self.  She operates in alignment with your values and sense of purpose.  She is the version of you that lives the life that you want – the life you have envisioned.  

Your vision self is YOU – she’s the best you.  She’s your heart, your gut, your internal compass. 

Read your vision.  Who do you need to be to create your vision?  What are the traits and characteristics of the woman who creates, is creating, and has created this vision?  What is she like?  (What are the traits of the “she” you need to be?)

Step 3: Set goals that create the life you want.

Most people jump right to this step – setting goals.  But without first identifying the life you want to create and who you need to be to create it, you won’t know if the goals that you’re setting are aligned.  You want your goals to point in the same direction as the life you want.  They should contribute to your vision, not pull you in a different direction away from your vision.  

These goals represent what you need to DO to create the life you want.  

…or what you’re committed to doing, because words have meaning.  Saying, “I need to…” has a very different neurological and quantum effect than saying, “I am committed to…”

These goals represent the outcomes that, when you achieve them, will create your vision. 

Read your vision.  Set goals for each of the areas of your life experience.  What outcomes are you committed to achieving that will create what you want?

How does it feel to identify the specific actions that align with your vision?  How committed are you to taking this action and creating these outcomes? (That’s all a goal is – it’s an outcome that you’re committed to creating.)

How will you hold yourself accountable to these goals?  What support do you need?

Want to know where you are on the exhausted to energized spectrum?  Take the Alignment Assessment

Alignment is the path to energy, purpose, and a lit-up life!  

You can transform exhaustion into energy – go from burned out to LIT UP – by creating an aligned life.    

You can stop missing your life and start living aligned!  

This assessment is for YOU if…

  • You are ready to have the energy you need to live with purpose
  • You are willing to engage in a process of alignment investigation 
  • You are committed to creating lasting, sustainable change
  • You are committed to creating an aligned, fulfilling, purpose-driven life

Grab your magnifying glass and don your fedora – it’s time for some initial alignment investigation.  

Take the Alignment Assessment now! 

Six Steps to Your Aligned Life

Are you a busy, high-performing woman who is exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed, looking to create a life you actually want?

Do you want to spend your precious time and energy doing things that are actually important to you?  

Do you want to understand yourself better, so that you can live aligned with what you truly value and feel alive

If you want to crush it at life but are chronically stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed, I can help!

Join me for my upcoming Alignment Transformation program.  We start the Sunday evening after Labor Day! 

This program will help you to…

  • Gain clarity on what you want for your life, who you are, what goals will help create your best life, what to stop doing to create your best life, what false beliefs are keeping you from being your best, and what your unique life purpose is.
  • Identify the sources of energy-draining dysfunctional stress, the mental, emotional, contextual sources of exhaustion in your life and –
  • Build an action plan for addressing and overcoming those exhaustion-inducers.
  • Gain insight into how to create an environment in which you can truly thrive, based on your unique talents, skills, needs, and personality. 
  • Learn how to proactively listen to your body, with practical strategies to support the way you want to feel.  
  • Connect with a community of other high-performing women so you can feel supported throughout and beyond your transformation.

Stop missing your life!  If you’re ready to get to the root of your exhaustion so that you can create an aligned life that you love, then click here to schedule a call with me today! 

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