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What do you need to STOP doing…and why?

In your pursuit of an aligned life, there are not just tasks and actions that you must DO to create your vision, there are also things you must STOP doing. 

Here’s why.  

1 – The tasks that you must stop doing are not helping you to be your best, most authentic and powerful self.  

They are not helping you create the life that you want – the life that you have envisioned.  

They are actually keeping you from being your best self.  

They are keeping you from creating the life you have envisioned. 

2 – Being out of alignment makes you sick.  

When you are out of alignment with your best self, in a way that prevents you from achieving your potential and living your purpose, your body pays the price.  

Lack of alignment causes chronic, dysfunctional stress, which will wreak havoc on your health and create chaos in your body.

How does it feel when you’re out of alignment?

Like…how do you know?  What does it feel like to be out of alignment?  

It might feel like…

Anxiety.  Dysfunctional stress.  Angst. 

Sadness you can’t shake.  Emptiness.  Meaninglessness.  Apathy.  

Inauthenticity.  Like you’re faking it or trying to be someone you’re not.

Here’s the thing: you know.  Your Vision Self knows.  Your vagus nerve knows.  Your soul knows.  Your body knows.  If you pay attention, your body, mind, and spirit will tell you.

But you’ve been conditioned by your environment to behave in certain ways.

You’ve been influenced by external factors instead of being taught to trust internal wisdom.

You’ve been set up to fail by a culture that insists you have to prove your value and earn love.

You’ve been led to believe that being busy is the same as being purpose-driven.

You’ve been pressured into accepting that being available means being committed.

You’ve been overwhelmed by unreasonable expectations and a debilitating mental load.

When you get clear about your vision, identity, values, zone of genius, and purpose, you can overcome conditioning and create alignment.

…but proceed with caution.

Side note…be careful with feelings and intuition, which could be just familiar confirmation of subconscious biases, beliefs, and conditioning.  

Look for evidence.  Question your own narratives.  Gather data.  

Reflect on your vision, goals, and vision self.  Sometimes clarity comes in blinding epiphanies – absolutely.  More often than not, clarity is a process, and one that is best navigated with coaching.

How Does Lack of Alignment Impact Your Health?

Lack of alignment is chronically stressful.  

Chronic stress makes you sick. 

Lack of alignment is the source of significant mental and emotional stress.  

If not addressed, this chronic, dysfunctional stress will eventually lead to physiological imbalance, dis-ease, and disease. 


The Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis is responsible for preparing the body to manage stress. 

The body isn’t designed to handle chronic stress.  When stress is chronic, dysfunctional, or toxic, the HPA axis will start to dysfunction and dysregulate.

The body is a system of systems.  As such, if one system is out of balance, it will cause imbalance in the other systems as well.  This dysfunction in the stress-response system due to chronic stress, therefore, causes issues elsewhere in the body.

The stress response changes the body’s physiology in ways that, over time, can be very harmful.  

When you are stressed, your blood sugar becomes elevated, your digestion and immune function are suppressed, and your blood pressure elevates – among other things.  

These changes are helpful in an acutely stressful experience.  When they are chronic, it causes your health to devolve into chaos.

If you’re experiencing physical symptoms that you’d like to investigate and heal at their root cause, our signature Transformation Mastery program includes investigation and customized recommendations for healing in your physical health AND life alignment!  

How does it feel to consider that living your vision life will require you to stop doing  certain things?  

What comes to mind for you when you consider what you need to stop doing? 

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