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Who done it?! The Health Detective

Becoming the Health Detective

So maaaayyybe I read too many Nancy Drew novels as a teen, but I LOVE a good mystery.  From Jane Marple to Sherlock Holmes to Harry Dresden, I love the investigator’s process to figure out who done it.  

That is the way my brain works, too.  I love the investigative process.  I love to correlate clues, see patterns, and look for hidden and underlying signs to solve the puzzle. It explains why I am now a health detective.

This is what I do as a functional medicine health coach.  I help high-performing, driven, health-minded women transform exhaustion into energy so they can stop missing your life and be fully present and optimally productive.  

I do this by getting you the right functional lab tests and investigating the hidden and underlying reasons why you’re so darned tired. I can design a customized plan for you so; you can have the energy you need to crush it in life.

If you’re a high-performing woman who is tired all the time, I want to know why.  I want to know what hidden and underlying signs are there so that we can fix what’s causing you to feel so tired.  

Please allow me to introduce myself: I am Laura McKenna, and I am a Health Detective.

For a high-performing woman whose fatigue has you feeling like you are missing your life, you do not just need another diet and exercise program, and you likely do not need medication.

You need a full investigation of who done it.  You need to look for what is hidden and underlying.  

Are you eating the wrong foods for what your body uniquely needs?  Is there a pesky pathogen in your digestive system?  Do you have a nutrient deficiency?  Could the culprit be leaky gut?  Are your hormones out of balance? And if so, why are they out of balance?  Is your liver sluggish?  Do you have mental and emotional stress that is causing your body to be in chaos?  

These are just a few of the hidden, underlying reasons you might struggle with exhaustion.  

With the information we find from an in-depth investigation, I can design a customized plan for you so; you can transform exhaustion into energy and stop missing your life.

If you are tired all the time, there is a reason.  There are probably multiple reasons.  

By investigating those reasons, you can stop chasing symptoms and start addressing what’s causing them!

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